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  1. Don't Give Up

From the recordings Adobe and Adobe

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Adobe was recorded and mixed at Todd Chapman's studio in Hollywood, California in 2005. Todd and I produced it. Todd played drums, bass guitar, keyboards and lead guitar on a couple of tracks. I sang all the vocals and played acoustic and electric guitar. The album was mixed by Nancy Matter at Moonlight Mastering in Burbank, California.

I don't remember when or how I wrote Don't Give Up, but I assume it sprang to life when I was fiddling around with the opening guitar arpeggio, which is how a lot of my songs start. The way the chords climb down in the chorus reminded me a bit of The Beatles, so I was happy to stumble upon that (it's a fairly common musical combination—not sure what it's called). I wrote a set of lyrics under the same title, but wasn't sure about them, so I handed the song off to Bill Reveles, who came up with the final version. I thought he did a brilliant job. It was Todd's idea to have the little bump bump bumps on the second guitar in the verses.


If you give up
You bury me
Beneath that place that used to be
Safe and kind
Without a face
Without eyes
Without a chance to see you smile
Don't give up

Move the sun
Shade the world
Frame the stars
To color the hurt you know
It shapes the sad you know
Don't look down
Don't apologize
You're on the ledge
Soon you will choose to be
Who you want to be

In the words
That form the tears
Broken pieces
Tiny fears
Don't give up

Shake your hair
Let it fall
Expose the beauty
Behind it all
You know
When it's time you'll know
Different lives
Familiar ways
How do we get
From day to day
Without the separate same

If you give up
You bury me
Without a chance to see you smile

©2005 Chuck Maiden and Bill Reveles