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Just a song about finding my "center". About real feelings channeled into a fictional story. The character, Molly is really my dear Paulette who is constantly bringing me back around when I get scattered and lost in my head. I think Ryan Adams influenced my lyrics on this. I like his fluid and imaginative style. If you listen carefully, you'll hear a solitary 1/4 note piano note in the chorus. I like subtle touches like this. Sometimes I would suggest an idea like this to Todd and he would look at me like I was smoking something.


Westward ho
Broken branches and a prayer
Leaving poor
No one left to mend my ways

The sky is turning pink
As I drink my last wine
Tomorrow promises to
Take me back to the center
Back to the center

Molly Stone
Is a fine girl
With somewhere eyes
She sees through my tomorrows

All the way back
To my old beginnings
When I could not find my dark way
Back to the center
Back to the center

It always seems a long way home
And I can’t get back the peace
Lonely is the silence

Cloudy moon
Sleeping bag and fire
Porcelain dreams
Broken by desire

Pieces flying everywhere
Seeming to get lost
Molly help me find my dark way
Back to the center
Back to the center
Back to the center

©2005 Chuck Maiden