From the recordings Morris Road and Morris Road

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You Are An Angel was a song written with the purpose of winning my wife back, who had left me. It didn't work, thank God. It is what I felt in my heart at the time., but we all know how things can change. Gia Ciambotti sang a beautiful harmonys. She was experimenting with different types of harmonies when I asked her (politely I hope) to sing specific notes which I had all worked out in my head. I remember her saying something like, "Oh, a man who knows what he wants". I always wondered if she was really thinking, "What a control freak!". Gia was a real joy to work with. A voice like silk. I do not perform this song anymore. My wife doesn't like to hear it for obvious reasons.


You are an angel
God brought you to me
You always loved me
When I didn’t like me
Heaven is watching you dance
With that smile on your face
And holding you so close
In our own little place

You are an angel
For loving a fool like me
How could I lose sight
Of what you gave me to see
Heaven is remembering when
You said it’ll be all right
And when you reached for me
In the middle of the night

The heavens opened
When you fell into this world
I waited for your love
For my Simi Valley girl

You are an angel
I’m telling you true
Maybe someday
I can be an angel to you

©2003 Chuck Maiden