From the recordings Morris Road and Morris Road

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Like "Glad", I wrote this as a message to my future imaginary love. What a weirdo I am! Bill helped with little touches to the lyrics: "December in her hair", for example. I wasn't sure about my line, "I have walked through failure lake", but Bill encouraged me to keep it in. I have to say, this is one of my favorite tracks from the album. Bruce just did some amazing, shimmering guitar parts on this.


I have walked through failure lake
I have lived through empty days to find
Your eyes among the crowd
Your quiet in the loud suffering

I have died there
To find you living here
Counting the trees at night
It won’t be long
Before this winter’s gone
You won’t be lonely anymore

I can’t stand waiting here
Grasping at the open air of time
The sunshine warms my skin
But still the darkness lives within

How many roads
How many fire loads
How many things to feel
I will be there
To sit in your father’s chair
You won’t be lonely anymore

I will be there
December in your hair
You won’t be lonely anymore

©2003 Chuck Maiden