Chuck Maiden is a licensing artist who has been writing songs since the age of 18. His influences include The Beatles, Buffalo Springfield, The Who, REM, The Wallflowers and Tom Petty. He has released two independent solo albums and has received airplay across the US and Europe.

Raised in Canoga Park, California, Chuck started out in a garage band, playing bass and then moved up to Seattle, where he formed Hands, a band that played Chuck's originals as well as covers. Chuck returned to Southern California, where he continued to write, record and perform. He gravitated to animation and has worked as an artist on shows like King of the Hill, American Dad! and Cosmos.

Chuck has performed with his cover band, Elwood Moon since 2013. These days he has been composing and recording artist tracks and instrumental cues. His music has been licensed by CBS Sports. Contact for licensing information.