“Maiden is a graceful lyricist with a sharp eye for poetic detail; songs like Stun Me and Overtime Love are built on unexpected metaphors and sly wordplay that recall Elvis Costello and Squeeze's Chris Difford.”

—Stewart Mason, All Music Guide Review

“There are not many artists who have the ability to express thoughtful, real and compelling stories through music like Chuck does. From the vulnerable emotion of Lost In Her Garden to the hopeful joy of Center, it's music that feels real. Music that holds on to you and doesn't let go. Great stuff, I recommend it highly!”

—Mike Fraser of Red Shoes For Romeo on Adobe

“There's not much to say about this, except: We want more. Much, much more! This is an excellent album, made up of well crafted guitar driven pop songs for an adult audience. Sprinkled with an added little twist of country. Chuck's vocal is smooth and relaxing, even when the tempo picks up a little. And the lyrics tell an intelligent story. That doesn't hurt either. There are no weak tracks on this album.”

—Norwegian Fan on Morris Road